Zürich – Der Alpen Firn sich rötet

We arrived in Zürich when the morning skies grew red, when the Alps glowed bright with splendour. The Swiss cuisine is quite a nostalgic one for those born in the 70’s. Don’t we all remember those cozy Saturday childhood evenings when mom prepared fondue, decades before the Friday mouse was invented? That’s why we decided to make…

Proost from Amsterdam

Due to the flu we arrived in Amsterdam yesterday, a week later than planned. Amsterdam, this lovely city with the Amsterdamse grachten, the beautiful tulips, and – as we were to find out – the fantastic food enabled by the former Dutch Empire and the possibility to import spices and exotic fruit. We made Naked babies in the…


This weeks Friday mouse destination was Oslo, the capital of Norway. Famous for the healthy people with red chins, heading for a “tur” in the mountains on Sundays or taking a swim in the fjords, or for burning churches while listening to metal music. Our menu was fresh and tasty, with lefse (Norwegian bread), krumcake…

Stockholm in my heart

Next stop: Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and therefore the original capital of Friday mouse, fredagsmys. One can travel between Turku and Stockholm by ferry, but the fastest way is taking a flight, reaching the destination within less than an hour. Scroll down to find out how many mice this friday mouse got!

Turku/ Åbo: Starting the journey

This is a blog telling our culinary travels around the world one friday at a time. We start our journey from Turku, from southern Finland where we enjoy finnish food, mostly from the Turku region. Scroll down to find out how many mice this friday mouse got !