Remiew: Karu Izakaya, Turku

Karu has been one of the favorite restaurants of Mr & Mrs. Mys for a long time, but we only got around to remiew it this weekend. Karu offers Japanese and Asian cuisine with an exciting twist. Even though we had high expectations from the food, we strove to experience the restaurant as a new experience. That was not the easiest task!
Some words about the place: Karu has been voted one of Finlands 50 best restaurants (no. 38) in 2019. Frankly, we don’t understand the double digits: we think it’s one of the best in town, offering comparable innovative dishes to Kaskis (no. 6). Karu holds around 10-15 small tables, and the staff is the friendliest you’ll find in town. The tasting menu changes a few times a year, the menu had changed just a few days ago, so we got the taste of the new summer menu, which we took with the wine package.

This time there were some changes in the menu compared to earlier ones. First of all the tempo (we still don’t know if that one was intentional): from the previous years we expected a steady stream of small dishes arriving at the table. Instead, this time the first ones were delivered fast, wham-boom-bang-ishly, just to slow down the pace around the main dish and become relaxed during the dessert.
The biggest news for us was the Yuzu dessert drink that we both loved. High quality, better than Limoncello, crisp citrus taste. Loved it! Especially Mr. Mys liked some fresh dishes in the summer menu: the ramen soup and the dessert was appreciated.
The new menu was maybe not the best menu’s we have enjoyed at Karu. It did offer a lot of different flavours and included few of Karu’s signature dishes like soft-shell crab burgers (with steamed buns) and teriyaki ribs, but we would have liked to see a more innovative approach of the newest menu. The flavours were there, but something surprising would have made the experience unforgettable.

To put it shortly: be sure to book a table at Karu when you visit Turku to enjoy good food in a nice restaurant at the very center of the city. If you see a couple talking intensively about the food and putting their noses deep in their wine glasses, come over and say Hi! It might very well be Mr. and Mrs. Mys, revisiting Karu. Karu Izakaya gets remiewed and approved!

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