Re-miew: Kaskis,, Turku, Finland

Voted 6th best restaurant in Finland, one has high hopes when heading for a night at Kaskis. This is not a place where you just drop in and see if there’s a free table since many of the popular nights are sold out weeks, if not months, beforehand — remember to book a table in time, that is!
The restaurant is small with around ten(ish) tables and spartan interior (concrete-and-wood-aesthetics) with a Scandinavian twist. When you enter, the friendly staff greets you from behind a long bar counter along with the most fantastic food aroma you can imagine.
The tasting menus are three: ”the four,” ”the five” and ”the six,” and you can select wine or a premium wine packet to go along with the menus. Since we finally made it there, we went all in and selected ”the six” along with premium wine packets for both. Only afterward, we thought that it could have been even more interesting to select different wine packets so one could compare those as well. However, the wines were excellent and perfectly matched. We also got one new favorite red wine from Sonoma Valley, with a full, deep, bold taste.
The food was built around a Scandinavian spine with a modern fine dining twist, flirting with traditional home cooked food, still without going too deep into the porridge pots. The trend with locally produced ingredients was also strongly present. Each serving was well combined, with taste, texture and other elements well planned and executed. The food felt more safe than avant-garde, but indeed high quality. We also noticed the ”watch the soup get made”-trend, when the waiter prepares the soup on the table in front of you.
When coming to Turku, remember to book your table well beforehand, if you want to visit one of the top restaurants in Finland.

Kaskis six course menu & wine:

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